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Egunsentian (At dawn)
Jose Angel Irigaray

Dawn in Mugakosoro, barefoot in the dew, we are inhabited by mountains and valleys shrouded in mist and haze; the landscape of the spirit, playful fragrance, the sequence of colours on the palette of the infinite freely leave and enter your painting.

A walk along the beach in the sand, going and coming beside the sea, an imaginary meeting, conversing in silence, seduced by the life dream, tormented by human destiny, steps followed by the tracks in the sand, like loyal shadows erased again and again by the waves.

Your intimate sensations and paradoxes, a symphony of delicate, beautiful shades have been transformed into painting; mine seek to turn themselves into words as in that conversation which I am now having with you, my dear, and esteemed friend. Evocation-memory, that is why I am writing in the sand egunsentia —dawn— to be erased by the waves at high tide. But the breath of life that cherishes meaning remains over time in all beings and things, in every place, free… In your misty dawn mountains and valleys, in the universe of your internal and reproduced sands.

Figuration of sands, of mountainous profiles in the mist, more real than the reality; they are the horizons of your universe, genuine self-portraits. Immanent presence of absence.

Timeless space, of serenity, of loss and reunion with the being, following the deliberate rhythm of the embrace between the sand and the sea, of the morning mists. In it a mutual nod avoids anxiety, elusive movement, exaltation and deception knowing that we are trapped in the art-trap.

And we drink a toast to the twilight sun. Far away, echoes of the agora, of commercial transactions and similar.

At dawn, egunsentian…

Pristine sands
emerging on the edges of sleep at loggerheads with desire, escape and refuge
fortuitous, pleasurable rest horizon of the infinite,

dew at dawn,
meadow on the Bidasoa limits, mountains and valleys shrouded in mist vital breath,
colours on the palette of the infinite that leave and enter your painting,

pristine sensations
unique interior landscapes
emotion of the self-portrait
margins of feeling
in silence,
gaze, brushstroke, gesture,
doubt and balance,
serenity and frenzy,

frontier of the hidden and the exposed,
figuration of the unsayable
transformed abstraction,
caress of light at dawn
stained with nostalgia at dusk,
in the transcended gaze of the “other”,

sands extending beyond the painting
expanded painting,
invitation to a life adventure
under the mist
in the coming and going of the waves,
footprints in the ephemeral sand,

captured by your sands
I wander in search of the unsayable
elusive, repeated gesture,
at low tide in the sand I write some words
to be erased by the high tide,
the breath of life persists in the air
across time,

…e il naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare / Leopardi’s echo of the sea, / in the distance, the wake of a sailing boat.


Exhibition Catalogue. Gonzalo Chillida, Sala Kubo Kutxa Aretoa, Donostia-San Sebastián, 2016.