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Barcelona Edition
Unique posthumous edition directed by Alicia and Javier Chillida, authentified and certified by notary. 14 original etchings printed by Masafumi Yamamoto in Barcelona. Print-run of 75, numbered 1/75 to 75/75, 10 HC prints numbered HC 1/10 to HC 10/10 and 10 PA prints numbered PA I/X to PA X/X, printed on ARCHE 250 and 280 gram paper. Barcelona, 2009. (Available for sale).

Hatz File
Folder containing 5 etchings printed on "Segundo Santos" handmade paper by the author in collaboration with Hatz workshop. Edition of 75 numbered folders, 10 artist’s proofs and two HC. Donostia-San Sebastián 1981-83.

El Nuevo Mar
Book of poems by Juan Ramón Jiménez. Illustrated book with a collection of original 11 lithographs by Gonzalo Chillida. Ediciones de Arte y Bibliofilia. Madrid 1970.

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